Interesting Improvement

I have been writing the last couple of years at my surprise that Governments around the world haven’t been promoting natural immunity and health by giving basic advice on diet, sleep and stress etc. I have even gone so far as to suggest that many appear to encouraging people to do everything to become sick. When combined with the knowledge that many now use psyop units against their own people to get them to comply (along with what can only appear to be black magic), this isn’t a surprise.

Constant washing of hands with disinfectant has been widely blamed for lowered immunity, for example. Wearing masks is shown by many years of good research to have no value at all and may even be harmful but it shows a willingness to comply and that was its true purpose. Not mixing with others also serves to reduce our natural immunity as does stress – like the stress of constantly changing the rules and regulations perhaps? Yes, it is almost as if they want us sickened and weak. Perhaps that way, we are likely to be more compliant?

So imagine my surprise when yesterday, I went to look at the new measures put in place here in the Czech Republic and found this…

This just appeared – I had never seen it before. Yet there we are – at least something. They push Vitamin D….

2 thoughts on “Interesting Improvement

  1. Wow, a government notice that actually makes sense.

    In truth, governments have been giving us bad health information for decades. The whole sugar is not causing obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the 80s coupled with blaming real whole fat (such as butter) was a huge success that made North America sicker than before the 80s.

    A sick population is big business.


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