Science Wins Again….

It has been accepted as a basic scientific fact that vaccinating in a pandemic is wrong. It is wrong because it causes the virus to mutate and adapt and to find ways around the vaccination in the process running the risk it becomes even more dangerous than it once was.

Of course, these days, this basic science is denied by the people shouting trust the science… They say it is wrong for humans yet these very same people accept that this happens in chickens, sheep and so. There was just a bunch of articles in mainstream media talking about a problem in chickens brought on by vaccinating in a pandemic. But, you know, these people who say trust the science don;t actually mean it – they mean trust the narrative.

But science usually has a way of winning in the end….

Here is a paper published in Nature showing how COVID-19 has circumvented the vaccines due to morphing and changing in response to mass vaccination – just as the real scientists predicted.

Yes – you can deny reality until you are blue in the face …. but it comes with a price.

The vaccines are useless – that is a proven fact. They come with a high rate of side effects and totally unknown longer-term impacts… let’s pray they aren’t as bad as some expect with Dr. Cahill saying that mRNA vaccine recipients have 5 -10 years to live. I don’t believe her but I do think we will see a major health crisis in the coming years directly attributable to this ‘vaccine’

No – I am not anti-vaxx. I am fully vaxxed except for COVID-19 where I do not trust emergency use, untested novel vaccines pushed by media, big tech and Government to protect from a virus that is 99.9% survivable for most people and you need to be tested to know if you have it.

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