Back to the Future

For the last 35-years I have been pushing back on the CO2 man made warming narrative, which is entirely that – a narrative pushed and promoted by an elite as a part of whatever the great reset is. The supposed science used to justify everything turns out to be a bunch of models that have been wrong in terms of predictions on every count. Not only is there no real warming going on right now but we are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures ever right now in many places. There is no climate crisis. Climate change on a global scale is natural, continuous and related primarily to solar activity. CO2 arguably shows a different relationship with temperatures as pointed out by over 900 scientists recently in their response to the IPCC’s latest bunch of politics, pseudoscience and fear mongering. CO2 follows temperature and does not drive it.

However, that be as it may, I have discovered that in the modern world, facts don’t matter a jot. Only the narrative matters. The facts can be changed to suit the narrative at any time as well. So, we end up with a lot of people who know no better and seriously believe the world is headed for a disaster. Any Geologist worth their salt will find that amusing – I know I do. You see, Geologists have a larger scale view on things and are well aware of the nature of the continuous and sometimes abrupt changes on this planet as well as what the natural forces are. So, for example, I see volcanic eruptions as entirely normal and not apocalyptic. I see sea level rise and fall as normal and not controllable by puny humanity. Hell, I even see asteroid impacts as events that happen and wipe out some aspects of life – albeit rarely.

But here we are with half the western world believing the world is on fire and they only have decades to live (China and Russia have no such view by the way but they play along as they know this issue is weakening and destroying the west). Now the politicians feel brave enough to act and talk about sustainability and climate change as if we can actually do anything about it. Oh the stupidity of humanity! The problem is that what they are proposing will take us back to the Victorian era. Most people do not get that yet – they are still feeling good about their climate virtue signalling. But this winter may well give a taste of what is to come …

In a world without cheap and instant energy via fossil fuels, many will end up not being able to afford to properly heat their homes. They will soon discover that if the sun ain’t shining and the wind ain’t blowing, they are screwed. Given the mass migration over a short time frame to electricity, no amount of batteries will ever solve the problem and, have you any idea how short the world is of battery metals? or how polluting mining for them is? Nope, most people will learn to live with the cold. More lives are lost in cold than in heat as well by the way.

Most people will also learn that they cannot afford an EV. They will also find out that they cannot afford to fly. Their lives will go from annual holidays in the Sun to a camping trip down the road – on foot or public transport. Meanwhile, as fossil fuels are snuffed out by the powers that be, cheap plastic fibers will become rare and so clothing in all forms will rise in price – along with furniture, appliances, and almost everything else. As fuel prices rise, the costs will also add to the cost of the goods that no longer uses plastics. Oh, and with all the people on the planet, natural fibers like cotton and so on will become scarce and expensive too.

Pretty soon, people will be living like they did in Victorian times. Life expectancy will fall off alarmingly and society will probably collapse to a degree. It’s back to the future under this narrative – a future where you will have nothing – and be happy (or else).

4 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. Every time I hear, “You will own nothing and be happy.” I think, when you own nothing, you have nothing to lose. That means chaos.

    I’m hoping for a CME to wipe out all technology by 2025. That will put to rest for good this nonsense about a digital passport and one world order. By then, I will be settled and already living in the dark ages and growing my own food.


  2. Great post! I’ve been trying to warn people about a lot of this for years as well. I think you’re right about moving back into Victorian times (I see it as a new dark age). Also, I already can’t fly since I refuse to mask or get jabbed. I’m a second-class citizen now.


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