You Tube Strikes…


Stuart France

Michael O'Bernicia

How To Successfully Appeal YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes

How many people do you know who have threatened YouTube with legal action, had a community strike lifted and a video un-banned as a result of a successful appeal?

Well, following many years of aggressive censorship by all of the major social media platforms, YouTube banned The Testimonies Project video released on my channel this week, in a clear attempt to suppress the ‘vaccine’ serious and fatal adverse events stories coming out of Israel.

Initially, they tried to prohibit me from uploading content for 90 days [for my first strike], which they reduced to 7 just a few minutes before I sent them this devastatingly succinct response:

“Your claim that eye witness and victim testimony to serious and fatal ‘vaccine’ adverse events is ‘medical misinformation’ is utterly spurious.

In fact, you are committing a criminal offence by deliberately suppressing evidence that the…

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