The Truth About CO2

CO2 does not drive climate. Climate drives CO2. This has been a well known fact for decades but you are not allowed to say so as that makes you a climate change denier. As the CLINTEL organisation wrote in their response to the IPCC – I am a signatory – this point is well shown in previous ice ages where CO2 concentrations lagged temperature changes and there is significant evidence for this. Please review this document for example. It’s document on why there is no climate crisis can be found here and carries my name with it (see Czech Republic signatories).

But let’s for a minute imagine that humanity emits zero CO2 as a result of its activities (there is something quite sinister in this as each human breathes out around 50,000 ppm CO2 in each breath so unless mankind is eliminated – this will never be the case. Indeed, all animals emit CO2 as they breathe.) What would happen? Well, CO2 would likely keep on rising if the temperature was getting warmer and decline if the temperature were getting cooler. This is how the Earth’s system works and it is undeniable. This basic fact ought to be enough in of itself for people to question the entire model-driven drivel.

In the past, when atmospheric CO2 levels declined to the point of danger, the planet conveniently went through an almost global volcanic episode spewing CO2 into the atmosphere. This volcanic activity and CO2 ensured that life as we know it was sustained on the planet. Twice in geological history CO2 levels have declined to the critical point where life might not be sustained. There are arguments as to where that point is exactly but between 80-180ppm CO2, plant life starts to struggle and die due to insufficient CO2. If plant life dies so to do many other forms of life on the planet. That is a REAL climate crisis.

In the recent geological past, CO2 levels were 1000-2000ppm routinely and the climate was roughly the same as it is now. Despite all of the alarmism and dire warnings (that go back now my entire lifetime of 61 years), atmospheric temperatures have not really warmed much at all – well below those predicted by any of IPCC models to the point where there is concern over why this is the case (easy – the models are wrong but not to a religious zealot who thinks the models are gospel). The IPCC also ignores recent warm periods in the archeological past in order to make its theories look more alarmist.

The fact is CO2, far from being a pollutant, is the basis for life on this planet. It is the magical life giving gas that ensures our survival. With a little more of it in the atmosphere, plants would thrive and help feed the masses of humanity. With a little less, plants will struggle and there will be less production of food. Perhaps that is the plan? Have us all cold and hungry. Afterall, they tell us quite plainly, you will have nothing and be happy.

If you have a degree in a climate science (like geology) and disagree with the narrative on climate, please look at CLINTEL and consider adding your voice to the growing dissent over the climate fraud.

2 thoughts on “The Truth About CO2

  1. I agree: CO2 is the gas of life, and we need more of it not less.

    According to some politician in the States, I won’t ever see snow again. I wonder what they’ll call that white stuff falling from the sky in a few weeks? Dandruff? Dimes from Heaven? I hope I don’t have to shovel it. Unless it’s dimes. Dimes from heaven.


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