When Politics Blinds People

I have just spent an hour or so reading a couple of new research papers and going over some articles using UK Vaccine Surveillance Report data. One of the two papers followed 1.6 million Swedes over 10 months, the other uses the the UK data. This is our latest knowledge regarding vaccines and COVID-19. What these two studies and the UK data shows is truly disturbing. They show that vaccinated people lose any benefit from vaccination very rapidly and after as little a 90 days, are back to the status of an unvaccinated person. But there is worse. The numbers are beginning to show that immunity to COVID continues to decline – and it seems to be damage to the immune system itself meaning that this is any sort of infection or cancer for example. Let me translate for you – the vaccines appear to destroy your immune system making you far more susceptible to COVID after a period of time. The answer is of course boosters – 4 a year probably but we have no data on the effectiveness of boosters and we do not know what their effect on immunity overall may be.

If you start to look at the data – and there is lots of it – there are other points emerging that are worthwhile knowing as well.

  • Men’s vaccine immunity lasts less long than women’s
  • The older you are the less the vaccine immunity lasts,
  • Anyone with comorbidities vaccine immunity erodes faster still
  • The vaccine immunity appears to erode your natural immunity over time – those catching COVID after a certain period of time post vaccination are likely to have diminished immunity

We already have studies showing that natural immunity is far superior to the vaccine immunity from an Israeli study.

Meanwhile, we have politicians telling vaccinated people they are safe and protected. That they mix with each other in confidence. This is simply a blatant lie and will lead to increased infections. They also point to the unvaxxed but the unvaxxed have retained their natural immunity and are better protected.

Of course, there are so many mindless souls who see all of this as politics. Follow the science they say while denying anything like the evidence I cite above. Well, when do brainwashed mantra repeaters actually wake up? At what point will they follow facts over politics? I saw a video of one doctor talking about his heart damaged kid post vaccination encouraging parents to vaccinate their kids saying this was a small risk. The data suggests quite the reverse.

Here are some other interesting things that the data seems to show…

  • UK data shows that male children are 85% more likely to die since vaccination commenced,
  • Data from 183 nations shows that higher death rates follow COVID vaccination,
  • UK data shows that vaccines have a -134% impact on immunity after 6-months – ie you are MORE likely to contract COVID than an unvaccinated person,

I could go on. You can argue about this data all you want but it is all public domain and its easy to view it and observe this for your self. These ‘vaccines; are an unmitigated disaster and the coming health crisis may well be huge – especially among the young. If you wish to be political and claim I cherry-picked or whatever then all I can say is you are blinded by an acceptance of a mantra that is lies, lies and more lies. So wake the hell up before it is too late.

One last observation among data…. in the US, it seems 95% of all vaccine-related deaths reported to VAERS came from 5% of the batches of the mRNA vaccines…….. What gives?

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