It’s All Getting Clearer….

Each day, I read the new research on COVID and the vaccines as well as review the UK data available from the Government there. Things are slowly becoming clearer as you read this material. This is what I have learned to date…

  • The ‘vaccines’ provide immunity of a sort for a very short period of time. That period seems to be from a couple of weeks post jab to about 2 months later. After that, the limited immunity provided wanes rapidly,
  • The most vulnerable period for the vaxxed is immediately after vaccination and for about a week or so. It appears that the drug pretty much destroys immunity in that period so if you do Vaxx, this is when you rally need to avoid exposure and protect yourself. Oh – and at this point, these people are considered unvaxxed for statistical purposes! It is these people who are inflating the unvaxxed numbers as well. The truly unvaxxed do quite well,
  • The immunity provided, is as I understand it, one type of immunity (not T cell immunity). As the UK Government now notes in its latest assessment, the drug appears to actually damage natural T cell immunity progressively. This is why after a period of time, the vaxxed are MORE LIKELY to become infected with COVID than the unvaxxed,
  • Natural immunity is far superior because it offers both forms of immune response,
  • It seems four boosters per year are needed to maintain any ‘benefit’ from the drugs injected yet each will in effect further degrade your immune system’s T cell response – not just to COVID but to everything.

This is what I have learned from reading the very latest research. We will of course slowly learn more as well as confirm or modify the above findings. However, it is clear to me that worries about the long-term impact of injection with these drugs will have a deleterious impact on public health seems to be correct. Essentially, the powers that be are forcing us to inject drugs that destroy our natural immunity over time while providing only a temporal ‘vaccine’ immunity. The more boosters you take, the worse this effect will become. This is to say nothing of the exponential risk of ‘vaccination’ damage as each booster is taken.

It seems, as I understand the literature, that what is going on here to some extent is that the injected drug delivers the toxic spike protein into your body in one way or another. The toxicity of the spike protein is harmful to the cardiovascular system and appears to cause clotting in capilliaries and elsewhere. Other aspects of the concoction cause other damage as well. The spike protein is only one feature of the actual virus so if you catch the virus, the body develops a broader immune system response and the result is you end up better protected. Why the injected drugs appear to slowly destroy natural immunity is still a bit of a mystery to me but the analysis of all of the data readily available around the world strongly suggests that the vaccinated become more at risk than the unvaccinated around 200 days out from jab.

I urge you to do your own research – dig deeper than a Google search (the propaganda promotion search engine), dig deeper than MSM and the global health organisations funded and supported by big pharma. Dig deeper and you will become disturbed at what you find….

PS – Immediately after writing this, I discovered this paper. In it, the researchers show how the spike protein impairs DNA damage repair and inhibits immunity – so it seems that is the answer I was looking for.

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  1. Thanks for this information. I don’t know if you’ve read about the pill that’s been developed to combat the virus. It seems the most sensible approach. You take it, like Tamiflu, if you get Covid and it mitigates the symptoms. Better than repetitive injections. Now Biden is ordering (illegally) that all companies with more than 100 employees require all the employees to be vacinate (2 injections) or pay for testing weekly. Or lose their jobs. How are we allowing this illegal mandate to happen? Law suits are piling up.

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  2. Statistical Purposes: That’s how a government creates and drives a pandemic.

    In decades to come, folks will look back and wonder why with all this information people still rolled up their sleeve and got four jabs a year, each jab containing just enough poison to steal away a bit of their life until they succumbed to the accumulation. They will ask themselves: Were they suicidal? Were they illiterate? Were they insane? Were they held at gun point?

    The next two years are going to be more interesting than the previous 19 months. Interesting and horrible.

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  3. Well – this paper suggests a mechanism – and if you watch the following videos and follow the references they provide… you will find the material that I did… BTW the UK Government surv. report has a footnote in it somewhere stating that there seems to be diminishing immune response as well – just don’t have the time today to find the specific note. – The Lancet paper is very interesting to review…

    This is also interesting…

    Hope that helps and sorry – I am up to my eyeballs today!

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  4. Do you have a link to the research which indicates that the jabs damage T Cell immunity Gary? That is very concerning. The UK Covid 19 Vaccine Surveillance Report which is published every Thursday shows that after the age of 30 double vaccinated people are far more likely to produce a positive PCR test than non vaccinated per head of population. The data shows that unvaccinated under 30s are more likely than unvaxd to produce a positive pcr result. This might be because the younger population was vaccinated later and the vaccine effectiveness is less diminished in this age group But time will tell.


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