A Turn of the Screw

Despite the mounting evidence that the ‘vaccine’ isn’t effective and may even be counter productive, the politicians are trying to double down. Here in the Czech Republic I am now effectively banned from pubs, cafes and restaurants. How they did that without provoking mass demonstrations was actually rather clever….

First, they cited rising infection rates for some more restrictions – as they always do. Then they said that this would mean you can only go to a pub, cafe or restaurant with a double jab, evidence of a COVID infection within the last few months or negative test. You could test on the spot to prove this. So, I purchased 50 tests over the internet so as to keep my costs down. All well and good.

Just days later, they told us that they now wanted antigen tests to be good only for 24 hours and PCR tests for 3-days. They then sought to disqualify antigen testing altogether but so far have failed.

Then they announced that unvaccinated people would be charged for testing. They would no longer be covered by state insurance (I pay an obscene amount of health taxes btw).

Finally, the killer move,,,, tests must be performed by a state lab. Your home tests are no good anymore.

So just like that – we have a two tier society here. and no one even whimpered…..

Luckily, I don’t need pubs, cafes or restaurants and besides which, I’m pretty sure there will be a good deal of non-compliance with this tyranny.

I don’t care what they do – they can jail and gas me, I will not inject myself with experimental drugs that don’t work as advertised. I mean this is some pandemic isnt it if I have survived 20 months of it without ever becoming infected!

2 thoughts on “A Turn of the Screw

  1. Here in Canada, those exercising medical freedom can’t dine-in at restaurants (both fast food and family dining), but they can get take out from these places. We also can’t go to the gym. None of this matters to me in the sense that I don’t eat out or go to the gym. However, it matters because this is only phase one of discrimination. Oh, I forgot funerals and weddings. If my mother dies and my family opts for a funeral at a funeral home, I cannot attend. Damn all of them to hell. ‘Them’ being government and the fools enforcing these mandates.

    Why people who are deeply effected aren’t swarming government buildings is beyond me. Here in rural Nova Scotia, it’s basically business as usual. However, cities are becoming unlivable. People in the cities need to step up, walk out, protest to get their rights back.


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