The world is falling apart

Humanity lost its heart

Splintered into a million pieces

Shattered by mainstream lies

Haunted by honesty’s demise

And the corruption of a needle

That slowly melts your insides

Until despondency she cries

They say that truth has died

I can say it is hard to find

Just what is really behind

This grandiose illusion

This plot against freedom

Inside the cold mausoleum

Of what was once your own home

Outcast now by choice

As I watch, I do rejoice

For you cannot take my mind

You cannot take my thoughts

Nor my connection to source

I am an island still

I am peace and calm

And I will be fine

I’m unafraid of your virus

The fear that you spread

By over counting the dead

I’m not subscribed to mantra

I’m deaf to the threats

No matter how tough it gets

I was born free

I was born me

Forever free.