There Will Be An Endless Supply of Those to Blame….

Just reading some venomous twitter posts regarding those unvaxxed. There are people who genuinely think they are spreading the virus! Only infected people spread the virus and they can be vaxxed and unvaxxed. But I realised, the powers that be have an unlimited supply of people to blame.

First it is the unvaxxed.

Then the double but not triple vaxxed

Then the triple but not quadruple vaxxed

And on and on…

It’s a good game they have created and there are more than enough willing players with hate and venom to keep it going…

One thought on “There Will Be An Endless Supply of Those to Blame….

  1. You make an important point Gary. Yes it is infected people who transmit the virus. Expanding on this, Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit stated in June last year that the research that she had accumulated at that point in time showed that asymptomatic transmission of Covid 19 is very rare.

    She goes on to say: ‘It’s a respiratory pathogen which passes to an individual through infectious droplets…. If we follow all of the symptomatic cases, isolate those cases, follow the contacts and quarantine those contacts, there would be a drastic reduction in transmission.’

    I’m not sure whether much has changed since she made that statement, but if asymptomatic transmission is really not a thing, the justification for any public health response to Covid 19 is greatly limited. ‘Vaccines’ and isolation facilities should be available to those who feel they need them and doctors should be allowed to treat patients as they see fit. Locking up people who are not showing signs of illness is bonkers.

    Discussion on asymptomatic transmission starts at 1.24

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