They Only Have One Mantra

Governments around the world have had almost two years to think through COVID. Yet, their only strategy, mantra, is a vaccine that by now we all know is ineffective – hence they now insist on 3rd, 4th and 5th doses of the thing that is ineffective. What is needed is a holistic approach to an endemic virus not a one shot (LOL – unintended pun) strategy. I can’t imagine that with all the resources of any Government that this could be too difficult yet I do not see any Government even thinking about it. We are, it seems, to be locked into a program of 4 boosters per year for life and to hell with any longer-term health issues.

There should be by now a comprehensive strategy that you might think included the following;

  • dietary and lifestyle recommendations to maximize immunity,
  • mental health counseling to advise those impacted more severely by the virus and lockdowns and restrictions,
  • new thinking around schooling, travel and social interactions in terms of how to manage that with the least disruption,
  • Widespread adoption of early treatment programs and protocols,
  • an open and inquisitive mind to the use of any drug or supplement that has any beneficial effect whatsoever,
  • open and proper monitoring of those taking the vaccine with intervention as required
  • and more beside.

Yet I see none of this.

Here in the Czech Republic the Government is engaged in a shallow program of progressively locking unvaxxed people out of society while the people basically pretend to go along but largely ignore it. Next, they will restrict the double vaxxed unless they get a third and so on. The law of diminishing returns must surely begin to take hold where people wake up and realise that injecting people multiple times with something that didnt work the first time is neither smart nor a solution?

One can live in hope that common sense will return to a world in which all political leaders no matter their shade of politics sing from the same miserable hymn sheet of lies and suppression.

Meanwhile, we can all create our parallel societies and find ways around their lack of strategy.

One thought on “They Only Have One Mantra

  1. If this was about health, they’d encourage people to be healthy. But it’s not about that. People will only realise this when two people they know either die or are severely injured from the jab. Two because they’ll think one is just a coincidence.

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