Separating the Sheep…?

So the outgoing Government of the corrupt former communist secret policeman here has announced a two tier country where the vaxxed are free to infect each other and we all stay home. I understand the incoming Government has said No already but I trust no one. The vaccine is a political tool and certainly nothing to do with an endemic virus that has a 99.4% survival rate. So desperate are they that they are running body bag ads in a drive to get people to go ‘vaccinate’.

I guess they don’t keep up with current affairs? Good job Tony Heller does…

2 thoughts on “Separating the Sheep…?

  1. Best comment on YouTube for this video (one I’d heard before but applies perfectly to this environment): The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    Regardless of the number of boosters, the results will be the same ineffective against this virus.

    Another said the 3rd booster will make them drop faster (as in get sicker and possibly die). If that’s the case, I stand to loose a large part of my family. Even my husband took the jab. He comes from a family where the answer is always drugs (most are obese and unhealthy). My kids and I haven’t.

    I wonder what the world will look like in two years if a large percentage of the vaxxed pass. It makes me think of the Deagel website that predicted a large portion of the world population will be dead by 2025. Have you seen that? I stumbled upon it about five years ago while doing research for a book. There were YouTube videos on the subject last year, but I just checked, and I can’t find them. Perhaps they were ‘censored’. However, here’s a website that speaks about it:

    I kept a screen shot for Canada, and I’m glad I did. Apparently Deagel removed those pages. Canada is supposed to drop by 9 million people. The US population is suppose to decline by 260 million. Why? Deagel gives no reason. If I had to offer a guess to why, it would be the ‘cure’ for a virus. That population forecast didn’t have a reduction for China. Most of the reduction happened in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia. Kinda makes you think

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