While Politicians Follow a Political Narrative, COVID will Remain an issue

I read with some mirth actually that Austria will likely go full lockdown as the virus accelerates now only the vaxxed mingle. Surprise Surprise! When you let the politics of a vaccine that DOESN’T WORK be your only strategy, then expect tragedy. Meanwhile, Gibralter is cancelling Xmas due to spread on the most vaxxed place on the planet. Germany calling for boosters – another politically motivated bit of insanity – lets double down on a strategy we already know has failed and hope this time it is different – stupidity again resulting in tragedy.

The story is the same everywhere. The vaccine is a failure with side effects. Lockdowns are killing our economies and ruining countless lives. Meanwhile, politicians so confident in their own wind-filled mantra did nothing to prepare for this. Nothing. They actually made it worse by allowing vaxxed super spreaders to mingle unrestricted with each other because they believed their own lies.

Meanwhile, they still spread fear – knowing this builds stress and reduces immunity.

They still insist on vaccines that we now have an idea are slowly destroy natural immunity.

They still work to cancel any talk of a a barrage of cheap and widely available drugs shown to have some beneficial impact on COVID thereby misinforming their citizens into infection.

They are clueless narrative fixated people who seriously all need to be fired and held accountable.

They still inflate death and infection numbers with error prone PCR testing and death by COVID definitions that are gross fiction.

What is needed is a consistent and multi-facted strategy using all tools at our disposal including early treatment, test and trace, proper advice regarding exercise, sleep and diet and much more like counseling and help for those losing their livlihoods.

But what we get is more of the same failed politically motivated narrative filled nonsense.

Even my 14-year old daughter is frustrated by their sheer incompetence.

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