A Visit From Texas

A couple of weeks back my eldest son arrived from Austin, TX. He stayed around 10 days and I took a week off so that we could travel a bit and I could show him some places I had discovered. I was amazed that he made it. He traveled from Austin to Boston to Madrid, Barcelona, Rome , Prague and Brno. It only took one additional antigen test to manage that! I can’t even get into the local pub with any form of test. That is how ridiculous this medical tyranny is. While he was here, I tested and we got an evening out but honestly, most of the time we spent traveling in the car, walking or inside my place. It was brilliant to see him.

But think about this. He could travel half the world with one antigen test. I can’t even get into the pub if I had a full blood test that proved I was negative. Medical apartheid is here – alive and well in 2021 heading towards complete totalitarianism and yet most people just dream there way through life doing exactly what they are told without question….. they do not care it seems…the problem is that eventually they will and by then it will be too late.

Anyway, one of our trips was to Pohansko…. and there we found a creepy mist on an evening when, well, the light was very creepy too.

We had a great time despite the restrictions and idiocy…… and it was great to see him.

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