An Anonymous Fascist sympathiser Visited my site

Left the following moronic comment…. filled with hate and misunderstanding.

Good, they are a risk to everyone around them especially those that due to old age or immune disorders can’t get a vaccine. Why should they be able to walk around freely pissing about, when because of them others might get infected, possibly even die because of it. No one complained getting the vaccine from the spanish flu or chicken pox. So what? Should we now wait for decades before they feel safe about the vaccine? Staying in quarantine longer and more lives being lost? Because if that’s they want, then THEY are the facists, not the ones pro-vax. Because by their logic “So what if more people die, I’m not vaccinating and I want my Lebensraum”.:

There isn’t even internal consistency in this comment. The unvaxxed are supposed to vax to save the unvaxxed who are that way due to old age? What? The older vulnerable people are the only ones who are vaxx candidates – the rest of us don’t need a vaccine. And if defending the old and infirm who can’t vaxx and are therefore unvaxxed, why is he or she attacking them as in the unvaxxed. Deranged!

And what vaccine did people take for Spanish flu? Ignorance is bliss. There were NO vaccines back then and we now know that most people died from bacterial lung infections due to wearing facemasks! (And it was Mr. Fauci who wrote that paper btw).

These people are filled with hate but they know nothing. These are the sheep the politicians and fascists use. Anyone should realise that only an infected person can infect someone else and anyone can be infected – even the quadruple vaxxed. But its easy to be a sheep….. its easy not to do your research and to listen to the powers that be….. to be an unwitting agent of evil and help them carry out their plans.

Whoever posted this isn’t like me in any way. They are not educated. They do not think. They are not brave enough to make a stand for what they believe in instead leaving anonymous hate…

I feel sorry for this person. They do not understand basic science and they are happy to throw away their freedoms for fear of nothing much….


This person isn’t the enemy but they work with the enemy. This person would have been the guard at the camp telling everyone he was only taking orders.

This is what we are up against though….. people who cannot and will not think. Who do not get science nor understand it. These are the people we are trying to save from themselves.

He or she wants us all to die….. so they can have their lives back not realising that they will NEVER get their lives back…. unless they say NO. Now.

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  1. I agree, especially since the majority of people are now vaxxed, including my old self, and I can still catch the virus and get sick (but less so) from other people who are vaxxed!!! This is fear mongering at its worst and unfortunately, it is spread by Dr. Fauci, the MD of doom and gloom.

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  2. You’ve said it all. This person is obviously consuming all their news from the lying corporate media.

    If I recall, I read something about a vaccine for the Spanish Flu, but it wasn’t widely available. But I’d have to look that up again to make sure, so don’t take my word for it.

    As for the chickenpox vaccine, it came out when my oldest child was starting school. The doctor recommended it and, under pressure, I agreed. Then I went home and researched it. Turns out, the vaccine may not be a perfect protection, and a booster would probably be needed when she was an adult. Knowing almost all kids survived chickenpox with no problems and having no unusual cases in my family, I refused the vaccine for my two other kids. Getting chickenpox as an adult is more dangerous. Better to get it over with before the age of 10.

    Thankfully, my middle child came home the last day of primary with chickenpox, and he share it with his older sibling. My youngest broke out with it Christmas Eve when he was six. So all my kids have natural immunity, which is better than any vaccine.

    As for the anonymous, mean-spirited, hateful person, they will drown in their own fear and stupidity.

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