Selective Anger

Is it just me who looks at the angry left when it comes to certain minorities and not others thinking why can’t they see their hypocrisy? It used to be that the left was progressive and the right conservative but as I look at it these days – there has been a polarity switch! The right is now progressive and the left conservative! Let me give you an example….

Vaccine injuries. For the left, this is misinformation and doesn’t exist. They deny that people are suffering even though this is plainly a minority that needs to be represented! They deny these people access to healthcare, doctors and treatment too. There are now so many stories of people with debilitating injuries who are ignored by their GP, the media and others – the vaccine injured cannot exist as the vaccine is the alter on which their entire belief system seems to center. Eventually however, they will have to acknowledge the growing tragedy around them.

Now, vaccine injured people are resorting to building their own websites as Youtube and so on cancel them and their efforts to seek help. Here are a couple of those. Please take a minute and visit and read….. this is a travesty of humanity and justice.

C19 Vax Reactions

Real Not Rare

These are NOT misinformation sites. This is not propaganda. These are real ordinary people who believed the actual propaganda and did what they thought to be the right thing and in so doing, their lives have been altered in many ways. They are ignored, they are cancelled, they are called names. They are the unclean. But they grow in number…… and they demand justice.

Meanwhile, the evidence about the vaccines grows. What else would anyone expect from the mass use of untested and experimental drugs?? Please watch the very balanced and informative video below.

It is time for all people to remember their humanity. To remember their fellow men and women who suffer and bleed. If you want to have a cause then stop defending the elite and mainstream narratives meant to do us all harm and pick up the cause of the vaccine injured and dead. a strategy that relies only on vaccines is doomed to fail. We need to throw anything and everything at this damned virus until we win. Pushing a narrative spread by the mainstream disinformation experts isn’t helping.

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  1. Thanks. I also rely fully on my own immune system. I have allergies at times but have never had a flu (at least as far as I can remember). I don’t believe in virus theory anymore. I think we all get sick from time to time but it’s a natural part of being alive. I won’t believe COVID even exists unless I see it firsthand.

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  2. At first, I thought there was a shift between Left/Right but I mostly see them now as all working together towards the same goal – genocide. That was a great video. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and my mom just died a few months ago from the vaxx. She never had covid19. It was a senseless death, one that could have been prevented.

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  3. I’ve heard and read many of these tragic stories. They are heart-wrenching. It is unbelievable that everyone from doctors to the general public are ignoring them. I fear the death and injury toll will be unbearable for society before the ‘vaccine’ is stopped. In other words, one year. I believe it will take until the fall of 2022 before the ignorant join sides with those who say the ‘vaccine’ is dangerous.

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