New Moronic Variant…. for Morons?

The new variant is named Moronic (anagram). It is the variant Fauci told us all yesterday could not be tested for as they didnt have any data on it that could be used yet to design a test. Yet, amazingly, its already been announced as present in the UK and USA… how? If there is no test, how do they know?

There has been all sorts of misinformation in the MSM already – shock, horror- fear – death and dismemberment…. yet the Health Minister of South Africa – you know, the one who reported this variant – says its no great shakes and cannot understand why the west is making such a big deal over it. Storm in a teacup he said.

Well, we know why….. Fear, Death, Dismemberment, Blood, Guts and you must be afraid. You must be very afraid…. you must vaxx 100 times, wear 50 face coverings and never, ever leave your home…

Christmas? Any religious holiday is canceled. Didn’t you know that the moronic said so?

5 thoughts on “New Moronic Variant…. for Morons?

  1. Have to be a moron to believe anything Biden or Fauci tells us. This is very sad, yet anyone with a brain has seen all thier lies from the past. We definitely cant trust our current administration. They say China is our biggest threat? I say the socialist party is our biggest threat and they’re in charge.


  2. Dear Diane

    Hello from the UK. Well said. I had a quick look at your site. Your comments re slaughter of trees is so true. Near us on the south coast, the National Trust have been cutting down ash trees needlessly due to alleged ‘ash die back’. I have not looked deeply at this but I strongly suspect it is part of eco destruction merely to fuel the so-called green generator power station(s).

    I am very angry about this, as perfectly good ash trees have been cut and ruining the landscape.

    Anyway, as regards variants you might like my latest post. I due use humour, plays on words and satire to lighten the mood and to help make the points.

    And possibly this.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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