A Portion of Humanity Appears to have lost its Sanity

You know, the reason why politicians started targeting the unvaxxed wasn’t to make them scapegoats (which they are not). It was in their minds to protect the believing that they were more vulnerable to infection and more likely to become ill. It wasn’t because they were ‘unclean.’It was to protect them. Yet, this soon became twisted by the media and some other psychopath politicians into a blame game. Anyone with a gram of intelligence can figure out that the unvaxxed are no threat to anyone. We are in a pandemic of fear and insanity so far as I can see.

Take this new moronic version. Fauci says it cannot be tested for yet its everywhere they tells us. Be afraid they say be very afraid. It targets the vaxxed they say….. yet, every doctor on youtube and even the South African health minister are expressing their amazement at this take… No, they say. Its very mild form and nothing to be worried about. But you know, it will mean more CASES….. meaning more fear mongering.

Then we get the stories in the MSM about unvaxxed people dying of COVID wishing they had vaxxed. Really? What sort of nonsense is this? In what world can anyone say that if vaxxed they would have seen any difference at all? After all, the vaxxed are now dying in their droves in places like Gibralter where everyon is double and even triple vaxxed. Please spare me this fairy story of tragedy aimed at scaring me into taking that experimental and untested drug. I won’t and the more you try to force you, the greater my resolve. This is a pandemic of the infected – not the vaxxed or unvaxxed. That is plain common sense.

Then we have the truly psychotic wanting lockdowns of the unvaxxed for 12 months and forcing the jab on everyone irrespective of that person’s feelings or medical history. This is mass psychosis just like the satanic child sex nonsense of a couple of decades ago that turned out to be fiction. This virus is not fiction but it is being fictionalized into a monster it isn’t and never was. On the one hand forced vaxx and on the other suppression of any sort of advice, procedure, supplement or drug that may help. This is insanity. As are boosters. Taking another dose of the same thing that didnt work the first time is really a bright move isn’t it? No – its insanity.

And in Germany, the greens are urging a double down on renewables while taking out enough nuclear energy in the middle of winter to power Denmark twice over….. insanity. People in Germany will die this winter due to cold. People will be burning trees….. Insanity.

3 thoughts on “A Portion of Humanity Appears to have lost its Sanity

  1. Lost. I agree. We can’t save them all. Most will be lost within the next two years due to ‘medical intervention’. I’m prepared to survive when things break down, but I’m not really prepared to see a large portion of society disappear.


  2. What’s more insanity is Dr. Fauci (the evil gnome) talking about the Omicron covid variant as if it’s going to kill us all if we don’t take precautions and get vaccinated. He even posited a shut-down again. The man is nuts and a fear-monger.


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