Nothing is What it Seems

We look at the world in individual ways but we have all been given certain lenses – by school, friends, family, TV, religion, culture and so on. Long ago, I realized that actually – nothing is what it seems to be. I suppose this was one impact of working with magic as suddenly, I started to see archetypes and signs everywhere that I had never noticed before. Suddenly, I clearly hear the lies and manipulation spouting from politicians mouths and CNN/BBC (and the rest). Suddenly, I understood history is unknown for what we deem history is a manipulation. I also realized that we commonly use analogies to explain things that are wildly inaccurate.

To go a step further, I also began to understand that everything I believe I see, hear, touch, taste, smell and so on, is actually a sense created inside of my mind. At an atomic level, I cannot actually touch anything. At a quantum level, things get really weird. It was at this point that I realized that everything I believed to be outside of me is actually within my consciousness. I wrote a novella based on that perspective called The Last Observer by the way…. and continued exploring these ideas with short stories in the Pink Bus collection and the New You. Reality appears to be created in my own consciousness by that consciousness. Maybe that means we are all one Thing? Maybe it means I am the only thing? It gets really weird the further you probe this.

Finally, you realise that it is possible to create reality. Not only possible but it is what we do every second or every minute of every day. So, if we do that the question is how? And that is where magic comes in….

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