Division of Hate

Some forces at work are trying to sow division and hatred and I’m not having any of that – at least not in my life! I’m unvaccinated and I intend to stay that way. I view my health as my concern and certainly no business of the States or the super State (EU). Indeed, I view my life as my concern and I detest interference form politicians, media, celebrities and others who do not know me nor my circumstances – who are they to tell me what to do with my health management or life management? If you want to vaccinate – go ahead and be my guest – none of my business.

But let me explain why I will not vaccinate….

  1. If this were a real pandemic with people dropping in the street and bodies piled high on the sidewalk and someone offered me a vaccine, I’d probably bit their hand off. But this isn’t is it! The vast majority of deaths are deaths WITH Covid not FROM Covid. The data – and there is tons of data now, shows that even someone my age has a 99.96% chance of survival and for kids its 99.9999999%. Not only that but the average age of people dying of Covid here anyway is 82. That is 4 years higher than the average life expectancy for this country! So, sorry, this is NOT a dire emergency.
  2. If the vaccine actually worked I may be tempted to take it. But look at the data – the tons and tons and tons of data….. the most vaxxed places have the highest infection rates! Even the politicians and pseudo-scientists like Fauci tell you this vaccine doesn’t last long and you can catch it, spread it and die from it still. They want you to have another dose – not a dose of something new oh no – the same stuff you had that didn’t work. This is INSANITY not a public health strategy.
  3. Side effects – this vaccine has horrendous side effects including death. If I am to risk such side effects repeatedly, then it should at least protect me against Covid (see 2 above). If not, then NO. My risk of getting Covid and dying is 00.04%, my risk of vaccine injury appears to be around the same.
  4. Why are you pushing a one size fits all failed vaccination strategy anyway? I would rather have early treatment – and many now exist all shown to be very effective. I would rather manage my own health with diet, supplements, exercise and sleep while avoiding high-risk situations.

I’m not unhappy to not be able to go to pubs and restaurants etc. I simply don’t care. In any case, this isn’t about me spreading Covid at all, its about protecting me from you as I am unvaxxed and in their eyes, more likely to get infected and need hospitalization. But as time goes on, the evidence is reversing. It seems the vaxxed are more likely to be infected and become hospitalized and die. This may be to the fact that more people are now vaxxed or it may be that the vaxx damages your immune system – a fact that has been the subject of several published peer reviewed papers in the last month that show the mechanism for that effect.

But some wish to drive fear and hate b pointing a finger at people like me – why should we be allowed to make our own decisions about health? The State should decide and it should be mandatory….. etc. etc. I can’t think of anytime in my life when the State knew better than I what I needed and nothing has changed.

One thought on “Division of Hate

  1. I agree with everything you said. One of the reasons I reject this vaccine and all flu vaccines is because I reject drugs. When my friends were smoking weed and doing hot knives in the 80s, the reason I said no was because I didn’t want drugs in my system. The reason I rejected birth control pills was the same. I simply don’t want to put anything questionable in my body. I have complete faith in my immune system and refuse to risk messing it up with any drug regardless of how safe government says it is.

    I naturally felt this way, but it has been reinforced over the years by the horrors I’ve witnessed by drug use. While growing up, a boy who lived just outside our neighbourhood was born with no arms, and drove a bike modified so his hands, attached to his shoulders, could hold the handle bars. I was told it was because of a drug the government said was safe to use. That was thalidomide. So many babies died or were deformed because of a ‘safe’ drug.


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