One Rule for Them….

Politicians everywhere are demanding ever more draconian measures against a virus that most of us have no fear of at all. They see an opportunity to change the status quo – even in countries like the UK and US where personal freedom is a paramount value. Yet, while they demand of us draconian and inhuman loss of rights and freedoms, they do not follow the same rules.

Did you know that MPs are not subject to any vaccine rules?

In the Czech Republic the Fauci-like creature Prymula was made Minister of Health announcing increasingly difficult measures and was then caught going to a secret meeting without a face mask in a pub and staying there until the small hours. He resigned in the follow up but didnt ever really suffer serious consequences for this.

Now, it seems the UK’s No. 10 not only had a Xmas Party having banned such things for everyone else but they laughed, joked and took the piss out of all the people following the directives and lockdown. Boris and his team need to go. and fast.

Based on the fact that these politicians and their hanger oners do not follow their own restrictions why the hell should we?

As one Tory MP in the UK said following the Boris No. 10 scandal, Government mandated lockdowns and restriction can only be considered advisory after this.

Too right.

One thought on “One Rule for Them….

  1. Funny. I have one rule for me (ignore the government) and another rule for government (do what I tell you). Until the majority ignore the government and return to the life they want, this charade will continue.


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