Mandatory COVID Vaccination

The EU – a dictatorship run by unelected bureaucrats – is wanting to mandate vaccines for COVID. Well, I will state here for the record that I view mandatory vaccination with these mRNA drugs that seem to cause heart issues, pregnancy and menstrual issues and neurological problems and possibly long-term increased risk of cancer as an act of violence against me by the state and I will NOT comply. Further, I see NO evidence that these drugs do anything to help at all. Meanwhile, in the US, the debate is switching away from these injectibles towards the anti-COVID drugs no coming available as science seems to suggest vitamin D is the answer anyway.

2 thoughts on “Mandatory COVID Vaccination

  1. I agree 100%. I’m tired of politicians thinking they can mandate this stuff to anyone that doesn’t feel comfortable. I’m in the US, where I thought we were pretty free to make decisions, but now even our president is trying to mandate it, even though many people are having trouble or don’t really need it, or even have natural immunity? Have they not learned anything from this? I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the governments and big pharma making money. Sorry, I have a lot to say on this garbage. Good day!


  2. Vitamin D. Yes. I think if every citizen was told to take Vitamin D supplements every day starting in February 2020, this would have been about health, not about control. And fewer people would get very sick and die.

    On this Sun’s Day, I’d be outside worshipping it, but it is damp, windy and the clouds are thick and dark.

    There are millions holding the line. You are not alone.


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