A Hellish Prison?

Yesterday, a client asked me about virtual reality as it relates to the technology that I cover professionally. I though that was an interesting line of research and so I spent the morning on the net looking at the size of the market, where it was going and so on.

Long ago, when i was a small boy, I sat in the door frame between the kitchen and lounge. As I recall the sun was shining and I was confronted by this bright light streaming through the windows. Suddenly, I knew that I wasn’t really there at all. Rather, I was in a corridor of small rooms hooked up to a machine that allowed me to live in this world. Each small room was occupied by someone else similarly attached to a machine. The feeling it gave me was strange but I never forgot this image or rather this experience. This would be around 1966 and so far as I know, VR was not a thing but clearly, I was seeing myself living this life in a virtual world. I have referred to this vision many times in my blogs and books. I often say that this could be a vacation I am on. A life in a virtual world.

So, as I started to read about VR, Facebook, billionaires who desire to stay alive forever, Google glasses, identity trademarks, fake imagery, virtual worlds of fantasy and an existence even after death as a virtual identity for relatives to interact with and much more of similar horrors, it suddenly hit me.

You will have nothing and be happy.

I had often wondered about this statement. As well as the narratives around COVID, Sexuality, Pedaphilia, Vaccines, Climate crises and so on…. I had wondered why the billionaires are buying all the farmland as well. Why we are being pushed to a future in which anything will be so expensive as to be unaffordable. Where we are replaced by bots and AI. Some will of course argue with what I just wrote but imagine if you kill fossil fuels – energy prices skyrocket – pushing up the price of everything in the process. Everything made from fossil fuels also becomes rare forcing people back to natural fibers like cotton and away from plastics so cotton becomes rare and expensive too. There isn’t enough battery metals in the world to make all the EVs they talk about. So, yes, the future does seem to be we will have nothing.

But we will all be happy? How so?

Well, imagine most of humanity in little rooms attached to virtual reality machines most of the time. They can do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want with no consequences. They can be whoever and look like whatever they want. There would be no morals or rules. But you could be monitored and controlled. In these virtual worlds you would purchase virtual goods and be dependent upon the provider of the virtual world for everything – they would essentially own you and reward you with whatever fantasy you wished to play out. You can die and live again. You can kill and never be a murderer….I will leave it to your own imaginations to see what a sick and perverted place these imaginary virtual worlds may become. Google sex bots and the like to get a picture! The rich would get richer simply by virtual industry. There would be no need for cars, planes, or real things basically. Want to holiday in Brazil? No issue. Pay your fee and you are there in a virtual version. Want your own EV? Buy a virtual one.

There would be little or no need for anything other than a small place to sleep, hook up and so on. Even food could be bland as you can eat steak all day without getting fat in your virtual playground!

What would be required to set all of this up of course is storage. Storage used to be expensive but its getting cheaper. More importantly, they now know how to store data in DNA. So why not store it in the plants on the farms these billionaires are all buying up?

To me, this would be a prison or hell but to many, this is all they want. They can have everything but nothing.

Is this where we are going? Are we voluntarily (though forced by the narrative) going to put ourselves in the matrix? This would leave the real world in a very different position to now. No pollution, no mining, no deforestation and so on. And no one to enjoy it save the billionaires…..

Welcome to the Matrix where you have nothing but will be happy! Slaves to the billionaires who own everything real.

This is why, as I get older I want to ditch my technology – no smart phone, TV or computer save for writing perhaps. I want to get back to Mother Earth – the real physical beauty of reality….. unless of course, I am already in the bloody matrix?

2 thoughts on “A Hellish Prison?

  1. While millions will be ‘hooked up’, the problem I see with this is there will need to be a large population of slave labour to provide the resources for all this tech, all this energy. That means fossil fuels will still be used. Mining will still take place. Sure, the mass majority (I’m guessing those in cities) will be under this spell, but those outside the cities will still be workers.

    This is all well and good, but then the next Carrington-like event will shut it all down. Freedom for all then.


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