Silly Season

About three days ago, I developed a strange sore throat soon followed by runny nose, congestion, aches, headache and so on. Oh finally, I thought, I have COVID. I did three antigen tests and one was positive. Ironically, I was quite pleased as a positive COVID results gets me 6-months of freedom! So I booked my PCR test.

It came back negative.

I’m still sick but perhaps with the long forgotten common or garden flu.

I started to do a bit of research. Could the PCR be wrong? What should I do? That’s when you get a feeling of just how deep the COVID insanity now is.

As I researched in a variety of US and UK websites, I discovered a mass of conflicting advice. I found information about the uncertainty or test results on which all decisions are based. But more importantly, I discovered a true disregard for the flu…. Have symptoms and test negative? Carry on as usual. Have symptoms and test positive? Lock yourself up and throw away the key. This despite the Moronic version being described by most as a mild cold! This is psychotic insanity on a global scale.

And don’t begin to get me started on the vaccinated v unvaccinated side of it…. How anyone in the right mind could now believe the vaccine is in any way effective is beyond me. How anyone in their right mind could think doing another dose of a dangerous drug that doesn’t work (booster) could change anything is beyond me.

How anyone can discount early treatment, other treatments just because the politicians want to get that drug in your arm is beyond me.

Much of the western world has lost its common sense. It has been replaced by fear, dystopia and psychosis.

Believe or not, people die from the flu as well and at about the same rate. Believe it or not, every time you get in a car, plane or go for a walk, you risk death. In fact, sorry to upset you but life ends in death. So you can wrap yourself in bubblewrap, stay isolated and live in misery and still end up dying or you can live giving the politicians and complicit mainstream media a two fingered salute.

I vote live.

3 thoughts on “Silly Season

  1. Silly, indeed. A lot of people die from the regular flu. The pill they have developed to help people deal with omicron has bad side effects for anyone on heart medications or statins. Go figure!


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