In the Czech Republic, discriminatory mandates exist against the unvaccinated. We are not allowed in restaurants, pubs etc. I suppose you could argue that this is to protect us thought frankly, I don’t need to be protected., I am an adult. However, I just discovered the ridiculousness of this medical discrimination…

On my trip last week, we stayed as business travelers. This is possible with a negative PCR test which I had. So for dinner, we decided to try an Indian restaurant. We were honest and explained I was on a business trip and obeying the rules with a negative test. The proprietor though told me he had not heard of this and so no, he could not serve me. I needed to show proof of vaccination or past infection to eat there. So, I asked what about carry out? Yes, no problem, said the proprietor, take a seat.

At this point, I told him No thanks and walked out.

You see, for him, it was Ok to have me sit at a table for 20-30 minutes waiting for the food but it wasn’t OK for me to spend a further 5 mins at that table eating the food.

This is the problem with people – idiocy and compliance with idiotic rules and regulations.

And by the way, I guarantee I was the safest person in the entire establishment when it came to COVID with a negative PCR test 18 hours prior.


Show me your papers…… that too was idiocy.

2 thoughts on “Ridiculousness

  1. Yup, illogical and downright stupid. I still don’t know why we have to have masks in airports and on planes. We spent 12 hours with a mask on yesterday. Airplanes filter the air for you and airports are HUGE places. Idiocy.


  2. The illogical rules reveal the insanity of it all. It appears the public has been groomed for this for decades. For example, when it comes to killing a baby in the womb, it’s ‘my body, my choice’. However, when it comes to rejecting a harmful substance injected into the body, it’s ‘my body, not my choice’. About 80,000 people were murdered in the womb in Canada in 2019, so to say abortion doesn’t affect anyone is a lie.


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