It is time to ignore your Government. It is time to turn off your TV when the news comes on and to stop buying or supporting Mainstream Media. It’s time to delete your FB and other social media accounts and soon, it may be time to sell that smartphone and go back to a dumb phone. The endless propaganda can be ignored, switched off and not listened to. Their ability to track you goes the minute you dump the smartphone and social media accounts. The Government doesn’t work for you anymore, it works for the super rich like Bill Gates and it doesn’t have your interests at its heart. It is time to simply stop complying. If we all do that, they have no power at all. None.

It’s that simple.

And any Government or representative that tries to drive hate to unvaxxed people or tries to force you to inject your kids or yourself with untested drugs especially while suppressing other safer treatments, is a criminal.

It’s that simple.

Next time you get to vote – don’t vote for any of the mainstream parties…. they are all infected with this reset crap.

We will have a reset. We will do it ourselves. We will reset a better world led by real science and commonsense not their brazen lies.

Let’s opt out.


5 thoughts on “IT’S TIME

  1. Unfortunately, just before bed last night, I watched Neil Oliver, who is often up-lifting with his message. But last night, he discussed the threats made by Canada’s soy boy in Ottawa, and it created a lot of anger. I know that’s what they want, yet it was difficult to release it. Soy Boy said the unvaxxed were extremists, women-haters and racists, so it’s okay to hate us. I didn’t know I was any of those things. Thankfully, I live where people don’t care what Soy Boy says. I do not feel threatened by anyone in my community. Most know how ridiculous this is.

    You’re right. It’s time to put all this BS aside and get back to living.


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