Beware the Hate Mongering

Biden, Macron, Trudeau….. these are names of people who ostensibly have been elected by the people for the people and who we ought to be able to trust. In fact, their actions show them to be what they really are – criminals.

Engaged in a unscientific blame the unvaxxed narrative, they are echoing the German Nazi’s in isolating and dehumizing a group of humanity. There is NO science to support anything they say – NONE. Only an infected person can infect you and these days that person is liable to be triple vaxxed as it appears the vaccines weaken your immunity as well as have horrid side effects.

Their words may have consequences. It may incite people to hate and murder. It may incite people to believe that unvaxxed people should be imprisoned and put to death. If so, then they should add murder to their crime of incite to hate.

Anyone in public life echoing this false narrative is a criminal. It is that simple. They need to go to jail for incitement to hate. Certainly, they need to be booted from the offices they hold.

They need to be released of their positions as soon as possible and shamed for their pathetic attempts at shifting blame from their own failed policies.

I do hope one day there will be follow up via the courts and I hope they and people like Blair face a jury for their crimes against humanity. Because they are committing crimes against humanity in singling out the unvaxxed in this manner especially when anyone with half a mind can now see that the vaccines do not work.

Meanwhile, these same people have sought to deprive people of treatments that do work like Ivermectin, HCQ and others. If yopu think I am off my head, go find out how the Chinese, Indians and yes even the Czechs treat their COVID hospitalized….. and why their numbers are so much better.

The proof is there in front of your face.

One thought on “Beware the Hate Mongering

  1. The words out of Trudeau’s mouth are criminal. I wrote a post about this the other day, but instead of using uninoculated (because it’s not a vaccine), I used cigarette smokers. I was hoping to jar people awake to see the nonsense and threat. There is no point in time where a trusted government speaks negatively about the people it serves. If it doesn’t it doesn’t last, or it’s a regime of some sort that takes power by force.


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