They Think Us stupid…

I just watched a video of the excuse of a US President talking about the unvaccinated. Who is he talking to? Does he think we are as senile as he plainly is?

  1. I have just read analysis of multiple published papers showing that prior COVID infection is 80% effective against catching Omicron whereas mRNA vaccination is 37% effective upto 7days after injection and after that – totally useless and perhaps worse – may increase your risk,
  2. The data is plain to see – all you have to do is look to see that vaccination doesn’t stop infection, spread or hospitalization at all – in fact, it appears to worsen your health over the longer term by progressively destroying your immunity

So, all of these experts publishing peer reviewed papers are spreading misinformation are they? Governments producing their data are also engaged in spreading misinformation as well? Is that correct Biden?

We are slowly learning that everything they told us was wrong….

  • Lockdowns don’t help,
  • Masks don’t work,
  • Hand sanitizing is a waste of time for an airborne disease, etc. etc.

Soon, we will learn that vaccination has horrid side effects for many people and is ineffective at best. It is just a matter of time before the truth inevitably comes out. Just time.

Biden is parroting someone else’s agenda. But whose?

One thought on “They Think Us stupid…

  1. Actually, 30% of the population are that stupid. That’s not being cruel. That’s just a fact. I honestly don’t believe this agenda will be stopped until many have died from the ‘cure’ because facts don’t matter to government or the media, and many are hypnotized by these two.


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