Misinformation and Control

I think everyone needs to become aware that misinformation is an over used word. Today, misinformation is anything that doesn’t adhere to the narrative. It is essentially the child who points out to the crowd what appears to them to be obvious….. “The King has no clothes!”

I can tell you where you will find misinformation – the CDC, WHO, UN, BBC, CNN, Reuters, Facebook, any ‘fact checking’ service and so on.

Science isn’t gospel. Science is an ongoing debate – even argument. Shut down debate or argument and all you are left with is narrative, belief and misinformation. We now live in an era where belief has overcome science. We again live in the era of the Spanish Inquisition – the thought police who wish to cleanse you of thought, common sense and argument. Except the modern Spanish Inquisition, far from being a terrible and cruel organisation that is feared are more like the Monty Python version – to be laughed at, ignored and derided for their utter stupidity.

It is time to fight back and call out the lies and misinformation and to promote the truth – your version of it….. Meanwhile, just ignore the new Spanish Inquisition……. its just Monty Python afterall.

7 thoughts on “Misinformation and Control

  1. Fine thanks, Gary. despite my son, daughter, and grandson all contracting Covid-19 and, like the vast majority of people, sailing right through it! I am still very busy trying to become a best-selling author, which means that to date, I have failed! Ha! Hope you are well too?!


  2. We have had two years of people being frightened into compliance, it won’t change soon, but I have noticed that more and more are people questioning if any of the restrictive measures have actually worked. It might take at least another year for the whole situation to change but those defending it are falling back on arguments proving more ridiculous with every utterance.


  3. It may be that I am an optimist but I think the wheels are coming off the bus. In Britain the narrative is changing from putting up the barricades to learning to live with Covid-19. There seems to be a bit of a sea-change going on, very small at the moment but I am hoping it will soon swell to becoming irresistable.

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  4. The pandemic is the new religion. Perhaps we should have a name for these people who desperately believe in the pandemic and its priests. It’s like they need something to believe in now that they’ve rejected every other religion created by man. Their god will be Corona. Instead of eating bread and drinking wine, they can get a shot and drink beer. Lol


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