No – The Science Doesn’t Prove it!

These days, science is highly politicised. Those of us who have conducted some science know this. In fact, poltics in science isn’t that new if the truth be told. When I was doing my research for a Ph.D, I was exposed to the entire gamut of nonesense like,

  • You can’t challange that!! It’s sacrosanct and its suicide to try to change things until Dr./Prof. XXXXX passes away,
  • If you want to publish that you better add a bunch of references and acknoweldgements and at least play lip service to the current theory,
  • If we say that we may lose our grant!
  • Dr. XXXXX can’t be challenged. He controls the grants and publications committees at a bunch of prestigious journals. Forget it.

And a whole lot more besides.

It has just gotten worse as now people will actually say – its the science or the science is proven!

But you see these people demonstrate they do not understand science.

Science is NEVER proven. Science doesn’t prove anything (Mathematics can attempt a proof however). Science is a debate. An argument. It is a presenting of hypotheses that seem to fit the known facts and then a debate about whether it is a good or bad hypothesis. Anything else is not science. Its religion – belief. Belief is NOT science.

I doubt any Government minister anywhere has a clue about the science. They just claim science to back up their lies and positioning. You wont find science on the BBC or in the pages of CNN…. you will find opinion and narrative claiming science as a proof.

But now you know. Science is not a proof. Science is simpy a debated hypothesis.

Truth. Absolute truth is a religion based on faith.

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