The Stupidity and Limits of Personal Freedoms Continues

Despite a bit of good news in the UK and Ireland and even here in Czechia where mandatory vaccination was cancelled, there is still a lot of stupidity and limitations on personal liberty. The EU leads in antidemocratic rhetoric of course. It is now attempting to introduce travel rules based on ‘individual health’. Read – vaccination passports in reality. England has announced similar already.

So, now we all know that the vaccinations are useless based on official Government data and that the booster essentially progressively destroys your general immunity, you are still forced to accept this emergency use only and untested drug into your body if you wish to travel? I’d like to say it was stupidity but it isnt. It is deliberate. The EU is a dictatorial regime set on eroding personal liberties. This is one way it can do it – if we let them

Since the vaccine doesnt stop you getting, spreading or dying from COVID, it can only mean that your gullibility in accepting an order from central command is the only way you will be allowed to have certain ‘freedoms’. This is worse than the communism the country I live in once lived under – far worse.

We all need to tell these politicians to put it where the sun don’t shine cos I for one will reject any attempt to limit my freedoms based on a vaccine that damages my health.