A Hidden Place of Power

Just outside Brno, north of the lake (reservoir), there is a small village with around 1000 inhabitants called Chudčice. You would drive through it and never notice. It is quite a pretty area as Hrad Veveri is close by peering over the lake and the forests, lakes and wetlands are full of wildlife. If you paid close attention, you might just see an old small sign rusting away that bears the words Ú Tri Križe and a small arrow. Should you follow the sign, you would find yourself walking into the forest hillside until you reached an open spot. There, you would find what is essentially an outdoor church under the leaves and the sky! The place is called Studánka Ú Tri Križu.

The site has a natural spring and a shrine to Mary usually covered in flower offerings and used candles. Nearby is a crucifix erected in memory of a tragic death. Around are benches for a congregation. From this point, you can ascend higher up the hillside along the stations of the cross to the flat peak of the hill where you will find three more crucifixes. It has been a site of pilgrimage and worship for time immemorial back to the Slav, Celtic and even earlier pagans. It was once the site of a wooden church dedicated to the Holy Cross and of an ancient Oak – or what was left of it. The Oak was the object of pagan veneration and was believed to have healing properties. The site was ‘taken over’ by the christians like so many place of power in the pagan world. The well below is known for its healing properties too. The water is marked as not for drinking yet the water is used to heal.

The place of the well is filled with energy. Earth energies. Resonant and powerful!

We discovered that our Templar ley line runs through this site and that the two Type 4 energy lines (90 paces thick), cross pretty much at the point of the well. Sitting on the wall that forms the well is something that many have done throughout the last several hundred years without knowing why they gravitate to that spot. Yet, that is where the vortex of these powerful Earth energies lies.

By Czech standards, this is a place of real energy. Yet very few know of its existence nor why it is a place of power.

I will be posting a video regarding the place soon.

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