The more that the MSM and politicians and others try to censor people like Joe Rogan and lie about misinformation, the more people are aware of what is actually going on.

The misinformation comes from official channels….. Ivermectin works, HCQ works, NAC works, early treatment is effective……. people denying this in power are responsible for mass deaths. It is them who spread misinformation. And then they use the word science! Go read the science on the above topics and open your eyes to the truth.

They lie, lie and lie.

2 thoughts on “Misinformation….

  1. I don’t know if they were ever mainstream. They certainly aren’t now. They are corporate-funded and corporate controlled media.

    The lies are unravelling faster. I assume you’ve heard of the Canadian Truckers Convoy for Freedom. It is the largest stand for our freedom since the Second World War. At least one hundred thousand trucks are supposed to arrive in Ottawa tomorrow (the 29th) along with an estimate one million people. That doesn’t include the millions along the roadways cheering them.


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