In The Grip of a Pandemic

For the last few years, the world has increasingly been in the grip of a pandemic that shows few signs of abating. This pandemic originated in the US, a country displaying the death knells of a society that has lost its focus and in some quarters, its mind, and appears set on self destruction. Through culture – music, movies, TV and more, the US has spread this disease far and wide infecting its closest allies more than other parts of the world. Russia, China and some other countries remain immune as they already have their own infection to deal with.

But people are now seeing this disease for what it is. Spread by billionaires like Soros who seems bent on destroying the west, it is an ideology that wants to turn everything upside down. It allows no questions, no dissenters. Like the totalitarian regime that was in place here in Czechia, dissenters are systematically destroyed – these days its called being cancelled – back then it was called being decadent usually followed by a removal of rights, imprisonment and death.

Looking at the US through the eyes of someone living in central Europe is interesting. The ‘elite’ are falling over themselves to support the narrative of destruction. The media too. People who once worked for freedom and rights have aged, atrophied and now work to suppress and call out misinformation….. while spreading real misinformation themselves. These people are truly sick. Their infection likely terminal in that they will never see what they are doing and how they have betrayed themselves and their people.

They use terms like science when they mean doctrine. They call information disinformation while spreading baseless lies and propaganda. Worse still, an entire party has adopted this narrative and promotes it while working to destroy family and religious values…. just like the communists here in the past.

I never thought I would see a large part of western society adopt communism in terms of suppression of free speech and the destruction of values, free thought, curiosity and critical thinking for an agenda, a narrative. But I can safely say, this disease is in full swing.

Interestingly, the masses are beginning to revolt. Led by ordinary working folk who simply have had enough of pronouns and other such silliness, lies, narratives and fear mongering, the ordinary are rising up in a peaceful and coordinated way to bring the ‘elite’ back to Earth and try to cure their madness or evil. I believe it to be evil, malicious and with an intent to destroy all that is good.

They have overstepped though. We see your lies. We see your evil. We have had enough.