Experimental – Means You are the Experiment

The fear caused by the media and politicians around the virus allowed them to shift your thinking. An experimental drug and an experimental technique of delivering that drug was approved for EMERGENCY use because of the fear – which increasingly we now discover was massively over hyped. You were the guinea pig, the experiment. What could possibly go wrong?

Experimental means that you were the experiment.

Now, we find out in information releases like the one in the UK that in fact, no more people died OF COVID than would die of a flu in a flu season. We will also discover in time that many of the deaths were likely down to lack of early treatment and suppression of other drugs like Ivermectin and monoclinal antibodies. I know this because I live in a country that USED these early treatments effectively and because other countries like India did too.

Yet still there are leaders pushing the vaccine. Even though by now, they know we know it doesn’t work! We all know that the you can still catch COVID, still spread it and still die from or with it. We also know that those that are triple vaccinated seem to stand an INCREASED risk of infection – not just with COVID but with a host of other things like cancer. Why? Because we are beginning to see the results of this experiment in which you were the one experimented upon. And those results are not pretty….Increased heart issues, cancers and neurological problems, strokes and death. And that is the tip of the iceberg I am sure.

The people that rushed these gene therapies (yes – they are gene therapies and they do alter your DNA according to published science) are guilty of a huge error of judgement. Those still pushing this approach are guiltier as they know damed well that this has been a huge mistake and that whatever they do, it will all emerge in the public domain sooner or later. Cancelling, de-platforming, denying and all of that is no longer working because people know where to find reliable data and information and because – we talk about shared experiences.

If you still think this vaccine works, please talk to your friends, do some research. Stop being the subject of the biggest experiment in human history. Demand early treatment and alternative therapies. And above all, demand accountability. It is of course your choice but remember, you are being denied information you need to make an informed consent. And that is illegal.

One thought on “Experimental – Means You are the Experiment

  1. WHile serving as guinea pigs, we are also the subject of a massive governmental overreach in the name of “science”, where the czars are unwilling to give up their power despite not heeding their own rules. Does this remind you of some other form of government?


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