Medical Tyranny

Here, the supreme court ruled the system of COVID passports illegal yesterday. Essentially, it ruled that since there was no law requiring people to vaccinate, the only purpose served by the ban on unvaxxed people in pubs etc. was to coerce vaccination – so I am told anyhow. The Government had already indicated that it was going to end this system anyway after making a decision not to mandate vaccination for the over 60’s. Today, it announced that although it might like to maintain the current system a little longer, it had intended to end this awful infringement on people’s rights. Given the court’s decision and its own strategy, it announced it thought it pointless to challenge the ruling or find other ways to uphold the restriction.

So, essentially, medical tyranny is ended in Czechia unless something changes in the meantime.

I won’t be rushing back to the pub though. Honestly , I haven’t missed pub going at all nor anything else for that matter.

The practical reality of the matter was always as follows anyway,

  • If I wanted to go to a pub, many were allowing it and ignoring the rules anyway. It was easy to find a pub to go to,
  • Same with restaurants,
  • Most people providing massage services out of their homes continued to do so without restrictions,
  • etc.

Basically, the Czechs by and large simply ignored the rules while paying lip service to them. I think they learned this under communism. I also understand that the QR codes were available for purchase and paying off medical people to accidentally miss with the needle was also rife.

Bad laws spawn bad behaviour.

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