The Truth Will Out

Mainstream media ignores it, the police ignore it, the politicians double down with their lies. But the truth will out.

Aging irrelevant celebrities can try to call for suppression of the truth but all they have managed to do is draw attention to the fact that there is alternative news out there. The truth will out.

Politicians can double down and call their citizens names up to and including terrorists but we all talk. We know what is really happening. The truth will out.

Those who have been scared witless and now believe the narrative – they too are exposed increasingly to the next shot and the next and the next in order to stay compliant and with each shot, they are exposed to a greater risk of injury and COVID itself…. The truth will out.

and when the truth is out, we must punish those who pushed this agenda wrecklessly not because Im angry or wish to extract revenge but because we must ensure IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.