Go Fund Me and the Money Men

Pretty much every company you can think of is in the end owned by a small group of people. Usually, in the form of a venture capital or hedge fund like Vanguard or Black Rock. These people are the ones seeking the Great Reset, pushing a woke agenda and promoting anti-family, anti-religion initiatives. So, it should really be no surprise that Go Fund Me, a venture owned by the very same people – our enemy in reality, tried to pull a stunt over the truckers and their funds.

If we want our freedoms and if we want to beat these people, we need to be smarter. We need to set up an alternate universe of businesses and networks and mobilise ourselves in an alternate world. One they don’t own and cannot touch. We need to continue bring people to the cause of freedom from this WEF inspired tyranny. We need to aid and help each other. Every part of the system is corrupt. Every part of the system is owned by them – even the forum I am typing this on is owned by them. These people think themselves elite. They are not. It is u, the people out in the ordinary world facing extraordinary challenges imposed on us by them who are growing and evolving.

They and their grubby paws are fixated on wealth and the physical. They wish to extend their lives and live for ever. We wish to rise in consciousness with the planet knowing that we are eternal spiritual beings. Knowing that the physical world is just a mirage – a distraction – from the real truths and riches.

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