I am a US citizen though I no longer know why. I love the place however. Now living in central Europe, it is obvious to me how controlled and censored the American news is. While CNN talks about horse dewormer, I live in a country where that horse dewormer was adopted by the Government and used to successfully fight COVID with good effect. I live in a country where the published science still gets a look in as opposed to the ridiculous ‘fallow the science’ narrative promoted in the USA by people who wouldn’t know science if it hit them in the head. I could go on but I urge Americans to look far an wide for your news and to do your research because honestly, you live in an increasingly dystopian and censored environment where anyone who does not conform and tries to speak the truth is labelled a rascist and even worse, a christian.

This all started with the Democratic party that like so many ex Soviet countries like the democratic republic of Germany, is communist and totally undemocratic. Yes, I know that communist is a hard moniker but it is true. The only difference between an old communist country like the one I live in in say 1974 and the USA these days is that you can still leave the USA.

And I did. Increasingly that looks like a permanent move.

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