Truth is Terrorism

Two years to flatten the curve became and freeze your bank accounts…. What is going on in Canada should serve as a warning to us all. The truth is now terrorism and only the narrative is allowed. If you don’t agree with the narrative then you really will have nothing… cos we will freeze your bank accounts. Yet, what they don’t appear to understand is this – now we know. I am already looking at alternatives to having my cash in the bank. If and when it happens, everyone should demand all their money from the banks…. that would end this mischief.

These goons can’t really win because for people like me freedom is a walk in the forest in nature. Riches are the happiness that I feel being out in nature. You took the pubs, restaurants, spas, cinemas and much more from me and all it did was help me realise how little I needed any of those things. Since the medical tyranny was reversed here, I still have not been to a cinema, restaurant or spa. I only visited a pub once to meet someone and leave.

They have to understand, the people have the true power. You can lock up the truckers and take everything they have and all that happens is the next group step forward. all we have to do is not comply. All we have to do is refuse to work. It is THAT SIMPLE. It is they who think THINGS are important. I think People are.

They really think they can hide truth? They really think they can call ordinary hard working people terrorists and racists? They think that they can project themselves onto us? No. We see them for what they are. Evil inhuman slobs. We will NOT comply and the truth is everywhere…. you just need to look and think.

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