Two Wars

While MSM turn your heads with dizzying coverage of a war in Europe and try to create even more cortisol and fear by talk of WW3, let’s not forget the other war, which is equally if not actually even more important. That is the one being fought for truth and democracy against WEF-backed western despots like Trudeau, Biden and the horse woman of New Zealand. Long term, this war is possibly more important. as the Ukrainians fight for their freedom and democracy against another WEF-backed tyrant, remember that their sacrifice will be in vain if we quietly give up freedom here.

2 thoughts on “Two Wars

  1. Scanning around the Internet today, I am faced with multiple reasons to hide under a bed: political pandemic lies and restrictions, threat of an authoritarian government in Canada, the world possibly entering a major conflict, the threat of global warming and the release of information on the mass shooting in Nova Scotia that took place in the spring of 2020.

    Yet, I brush all of it away as false reality. Those paid to lie will lie about all this. Fear is a horrible master, and those in government-controlled media are spreading it like sunshine.


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