The Templar Ley

Earth Magic Brno

I had been mapping energy lines in and around Brno and Moravia for around 18 months when I became acquainted with Rory Duff who has been working with energy lines for a long time and has done a great deal of work in the area. He asked me to check his remote dowsing work and see if I could find a Type 4 energy line over in Bohemia. I took a day trip and found the line – 90 paces wide! along with 25 pace wide type 3 energy lines. I could not believe it! All the lines I had been mapping were 15 paces wide or less! As soon as I had discovered these new types of lines, I started finding 25 pace wide lines in Brno as well but no 90-pace lines.

Around this time, I met Eva who has now become my constant dowsing companion. She showed…

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