Like Mud!

This last couple of weeks have felt to me like I am walking through sticky mud and unable to progress much. It started with discovering I had developed a retinal tear and had to have laser repair surgery. I still cannot see so well and hope it will improve. However, I had spent a good deal of time thinking about my life and discussing things with Eva to realise that a lot needed to change. Last Winter at the solstice, we had the feeling that energies had changed and at that time, I took it to mean more that the external world – COVID nonsense and lockdowns and Government fascism – would be crumbling and changing. I kind of expected the war too. It just seemed to fit with ‘events’ and the overall narrative of fear and control and doom. I didn’t think much about how that shift in energies might impact me! How foolish.

Anyway, I decided it was long overdue to renounce my US citizenship. All that has proven to be is an anchor around my neck of additional expense and being treated like a suspected criminal by the US and a liability by anyone else. I know many Americans will be offended by that statement but it is true. Every year, I file a 110-page set of complex tax documents with the IRS and pay someone to do that a couple of thousand dollars. I never owe any taxes! Every year, I have to disclose all of my bank accounts and investments to the Treasury department and if I miss one – $50,000 fine! Then, I cannot open trading accounts anywhere – I am not allowed to trade anything but equities anyway by US law. And try opening a bank account just to have a savings vehicle… US citizen? No thanks they say… you see they don’t want to do the IRS reporting either – why would they? It just makes US clients significantly more expensive for them. So, I wrote to the embassy in Prague. Nope, sorry, they said. We are not processing renunciations due to COVID. COVID? What COVID? What a ridiculous excuse. So my option is to travel to Warsaw…. and do it there.

I also decided that my current business set up is costing me way too many taxes. So I went to consult a specialist and came up with a better way with significantly more flexibility for me. Yet, every move I have tried to make to set up the new structure has ended in nothing happening at all.

I need a social security statement to file my CZ taxes. This year the social security people decided not to mail them but to make them available electronically. They told me this in an email about 3 weeks ago! Since then I have been trying to find a way to gain access to this report. Use a bank ID they said. Bank said, nope – bank ids only for Czech citizens. Use a data box they said. It took me two weeks of back and forth and filling out forms etc to get a data box. You guessed it. It doesnt help me at all. I am still wondering how to get this document that I must have to file before I run out of time to file at the end of the month. I will need to ask for an extension and pay the fee. Perhaps that what they want?

Anyway, I could fill pages with this sort of think. Needless to say, everything I attempt to do immediately gets bogged down in a quagmire and no progress has been made.

I’m not sure what this all is telling me? Am I trying to do things I shouldn’t? Am I being taught a lesson in patience?

I just know that I cannot wait for the Equinox and a new injection of energies….. and direction.

One thought on “Like Mud!

  1. It would seem dropping your citizenship, if you’ve made the irrevocable decision not to live here, is the wise thing to do. Taxes here are such a huge mountain to overcome each year and Biden has increased them and made things even more difficult. We finally resorted to hiring a tax attorney to do ours. I am sorry to hear about your retinal tear. I had one, also repaired by laser, but had to lie face down for 10 days, 24/7, while it healed.


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