They paint a picture with a thousand words

In indelible ink written inside your mind

They tell you what to think

The message is loud and very clear

And nothing but that message is tolerated

Even if everyone knows its wrong

You are still expected to jog along

Accepting their lies and supression

For its their intention

To control your every move

Your every thought

To monitor and manage you like cattle

To play you for the fool you are

And they act like those they criticise

And you – you go along

They have your mind and soul

You are in chains but do not know it

Servitude for life

To have nothing and be happy

In the bliss of ignorance

That you lost your reason

They took it from you

Now call it treason

Once, 1984 was just a scary novel

Imagine that.

2 thoughts on “Servitude

  1. 1984 – very prescient! Today I read that all the news media suppressed the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop (deals with China and Russia and Ukraine and the passing of that money to his father) so that Biden could win the election. 50% of the people who voted for him said they probably wouldn’t have if they knew this. We are being lied to and manipulated constantly by the Democrats and their media and Hollywood machines.


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