Stuff Your Damned Vaccine!

I still see people pushing the vaccines that according to all the official published evidence available from sources like the US military and the UK Government have the following benefits,

  1. They come with a list of side effects longer than you arm, longer than your leg, that includes illnesses, conditions and diseases so obscure among it’s truly scary cited side effects that I had to Google them.
  2. They actually make you more likely than an unvaccinated person to contract Omicron even by their own statistics.
  3. They appear to have increased the death rate by about 40% so far (life insurance company reporting) and may be more dangerous for you than the virus itself,
  4. They don’t stop you getting it, spreading it or indeed dying from it. In fact, the statistical data suggests you are more likely to get it, spread it and die from it if vaccinated,
  5. If you do die from it, the powers that be have OK’d it to be officially called a suicide thus you will get no life insurance payout nor any ability to sue.

Stuff your damned vaccines…. right up your asses.

Instead, I will stick to my Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements, refuse to succumb to your fear mongering thus reducing immune system damage from stress hormone, continue to believe I will not get it (as opposed to imagining that I have it as instructed by the UK Government in an act of black magic) and if I do get it, I will use Ivermectin or a substitute and early treatment.