COVID Propaganda

I tested positive earlier this week and so I did a quick google around to see how long it lasts and that sort of thing. What I found was a bunch of ridiculous propaganda.

  • How can something that most people cannot differentiate from a cold not be called ‘mild’? WHO refuses to use that term. We are supposed to vaccinate for a something people cannot differentiate from the common cold???
  • Almost every article uses statements like, “mostly mild because most people are vaccinated,”or “fewer hospitalizations and deaths – largely due to high level of vaccination,”- This is utter nonsense! The data produced by the UK and US armed forces clearly shows that vaccination makes Omicron worse and more likely!
  • Every symptom is listed in every article.

Really, media is the enemy.

It’s unpleasant this bug for sure. Reminds me of the cold that wiped my entire family out for two weeks when we moved to Texas. The cold was a variant we had little immunity to. Same with Omicron – my body has not seen it before.

Symptoms are a horrid sore throat that hurts to swallow – especially at night, fatigue and headache at the moment. I had a mild fever first night and the shivers. I also had strange bowel pains and upper back and neck muscle pains. Hopefully, I will recover soon.

Meanwhile, I am maintaining my regimen of vitamin D, C and Zn, NAC, and have added Quercetin and Famotan as well as black cummin seed. Along with ibuprofen.

2 thoughts on “COVID Propaganda

  1. Take care of yourself. What you are describing is exactly what a friend of mine suffered. No appetite. He lost weight, ended up getting the antibody treatment when the symptoms persisted.


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