Brain Fog Blues

So I finally succumbed to COVID courtesy of my daughter. She was sick for 36 hours and for me it was quite a lot longer! Unfortunately, I seem to have come out the other side of it with brain fog periodically and that might last sometime I am told.

It was the dizzy spells that gave it away. It started with a tickle in the throat I couldn’t get rid of combined with a general feeling of malaise. The symptoms are all over the shop and come and go quite rapidly it seems. I then had the shivers but no fever. Then the sore throat from hell – couldn’t bear to swallow. This was the worst symptom along with tiredness that would put me on the couch for hours at a time.

I’ve heard people say its like a cold or a sniffle. No, it isn’t or wasn’t like that for me. For me it was obviously a virus I had never had before and to which I had no immune response. Just like the cold I caught back in 1993 when we went to Texas to live. Cold? I asked the doctor at the time…. but I’m bed ridden? Yes – an American cold to which you have no immunity they told me.

After 7 days, I feel OK just the brain fog comes and goes. I hate brain fog. I still cough at night as well and get tired quite easily. Not the worst illness I ever had. The flu I had at Xmas was much worse but it wasn’t a walk in the park. I suspect each person gets their own version of it and I suspect I got a big viral load as I live with my daughter.

Unfortunately, it means I am behind on everything by a week and still not feeling like I want to suddenly jump up and clean house……

But I am back.

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