The Digital ID is Only About Control

I had COVID finally. I tested positive a week last Monday and this Wednesday, I got an email from the Czech health ministry. What was it? It was my Recovered Digital ID.

Well, how the hell did they know I had recovered? I didn’t have another test and haven’t tested negative. I didn’t ask for this ID and am surprised to get it as it has no use here in Czechia. I can only surmise that they know that COVID is survivable to us unvaxxed folk at age 62 and that they automatically send recovery certificates without even bothering to check if the person indeed has recovered.

So what does this mean?

It can only mean one thing. The ID is about control and they still intend to use them at some point in the future.

Well, they can go screw themselves. I will NOT use a digital ID now or ever. I have an ID. It’s my passport. That is all I will ever use or have.

If they block me from certain activities. No issue – we will simply create a new and better alternative universe. So fˆˆk them.

To me this is proof positive that we are still fighting a battle for our freedom. Do not let your guard down – not now or ever!

One thought on “The Digital ID is Only About Control

  1. Yup. This is all about control. I don’t think we have those recovered IDs here in Canada. I haven’t heard anyone talk about them. The virus went through the house. No one was tested, however others we were in contact with outside the house (who we believe we got it from) were and tested positive. We all survived just fine.


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