The Brainwashed Generation

Watched a video yesterday in which several teens expressed their fear of climate change. It wasn’t fear – it was terror. They truly expect to die. How the hell did we get there?

I’m not sure why they expect to die. The climate changes and that is proof our planet still lives. When climate stops changing, we are in trouble.

The IPCC report was cited as gospel yet the IPCC report fixates on just one extreme hypothesis around climate – one that is patently is wrong and not backed up by observation. The hijacking of science by the narrative brigade is a joke to me – I know what science is – I know it is not about proof but theories and argument. I know the IPCC to be political pseudo science drivel with an agenda in mind.

As young brainwashed people scream for an end to oil and gas, I would like then to be given an opportunity to live in an oil and gas free world first. I’d like them to understand how much more difficult life was in the 18th Century that they so want back again. Oil is the basis of everything they take for granted – wealth, comfort and modern life. Without oil, life will be a short struggle in the cold.

I don’t know who indoctrinated these kids with this irrational fear but I think they need to rot in hell for it. They have done a generation damage – brain damage – that will be difficult to unravel and could result in mass death.

2 thoughts on “The Brainwashed Generation

  1. The first thing I’d say to these teens is, “Hand over your cell phone. Oil made it possible for you to have it.”

    Sitting back in the distance, I see the world going crazy. Sometimes I get popcorn and enjoy the show.


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