My Garmin Watch Shows Up COVID

I bought a Garmin watch about two months ago and replaced my Apple watch with it. I wanted something that I can use hiking and trailing out in the wilds with real GPS sophistication. Blame the survival course I did last summer!

Anyway, about 4 weeks ago, I finally caught COVID. After a week or so most of the symptoms had gone except the worst sort of tiredness I had had since glandular fever as a teen. It wasn’t just that though, I felt like someone else – irritable, mentally exhausted with poor memory.

I realised that my Garmin – which measures stress using heart rate etc. and offers a view on your energy levels via a ‘body battery’ reading was showing my heart rate as consistently 5-8 beats higher than prior to COVID, stress levels much higher, body battery much lower and that heart rate…. up at 90 resting at times.

Well, today I finally feel more like myself. I notice that yesterday and today my Garmin watch is showing stress and heart rate levels much closer to where they were before COVID….

Interesting huh?

Let’s hope it stays more normal going forward….

3 thoughts on “My Garmin Watch Shows Up COVID

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. The virus drained me for three days. I doubled my Vitamin D to 6000 IU, and after five days, I felt like I didn’t have it. My kids wouldn’t take Vitamin D, and they had more symptoms.


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